Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy..
I don't know how to feel about this.
Should I be happy this hurricane is taking place?
Partly I am, No School Monday & Tuesday kind of makes me happier.
But besides the point.

It's gonna to take a toll on the winding days before the election: We're only at a few now.
This is postponing campaign trips for both candidates and Obama spoke about the Hurricane Sandy thing on the East Coast. You know, I live in Jersey. Born in New York, I moved here with my parents a couple of years ago. It's weird with the suburban in contrast with the urban life I once knew. We're not that far from the Jersey Shore either, although we're a pretty good distance away (4 cities over.)

Wish me Luck.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Obama Versus Romney, the days winding down..

Days until people are going to vote for the candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are winding down. People are already in the process of early voting. Obama seems to be leading by a margin somehow and Romney is falling behind. Biden bragged at a rally that the Democrats were ahead in the Presidential Race.
I find it interesting as most people do not early vote. Most of America probably are part of the Procrastinator cult, that I am also a part of. Not purposely, it just happens are the three words that I can say to you about that.
        Pretty Excited to see who takes the cake with this one as both candidates in all three debates have demonstrated a close race waiting to happen with results that one candidate will escape with by the skin of their teeth. It poses a question: " What if the race is not as close as the media says it is?"
Could be true. These "pollsters" go around asking a group of I don't know- 100,000 people- who would they vote for. These polls could be done in the heart of blue states such as New York or New Jersey or in Red states in Texas or Mississippi.  To be honest, some people don't do these polls anyway. Such as my feelings on the Electoral College, we should make a move to get our political system updated. We're in a age of an advancement of technology- no hover cars yet and we should take advantage of it. I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on the way home driving myself from High School and a Harvard Professor ( the name I forget, they are all pretty intelligent, who cares?) talking about this exact thing.
Google, is an amazing indicator of what people think. People search for some crazy things and Google is their gateway to them. They used Google to see a lot of people searching for "Marlarkey" during the Biden comment at the V.P. Debate towards Paul Ryan, why can't they search for queries of the candidates?
That'd make a lot of sense. But that's just me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thoughts About The Debate Last Night

Sorry, this program once again called CamStudio failed me again. Not using it ever now. Recorded the whole debate to get an error when trying to make it into a video. Really stinks. I got Camstasia now and it's a million times better. I would've had the debate for you guys to check out.

But anyway, What you guys think about the debate? I enjoyed a few things from the debate such as Obama's Foreign Policies comment to Mitt Romney of how his policies are from the 80s, 50s, and the 20s. That was great. "The 80s Called, they want their policies back." Genius!
I call it another Obama win, and there's something great to see "Mittens" get all cold when Obama was lighting him up. The sad fact of this debate is it had lower ratings than the other ones. Monday Night Football is a big part of that blame. Kind of scary a good number of Americans would rather watch Football then actually tune in and hear these candidates' opinions.
Romney had no clue about Libya, and he seems to reiterate what Obama says about certain issues without even knowing the background of them. That's just my view of it. Romney had the advantage of having nothing to really attack, unlike Obama who has 4 years out in the open. Nobody knows what Romney could do yet. That's a good and a bad thing. He could be making empty promises to us, the American People of what HE really would do. Honestly, I could not vote for someone that changes their views constantly. What will he do if faced by issues? Back away, and start agreeing with the enemy? Think about it.

The Economy was still getting a fair amount of time, despite it being a Foreign Policy debate. It's our biggest issue that everyone and Aunt Sally cares about. It's what matters the most. Foreign Policy? As much as most Americans are concerned, they feel pretty safe.

But to end that little thing there, it was a good debate. Unlike the first one that literally bored me to tears with Obama's unprecedented mediocre performance, this one was alright. The Second Debate is my favorite format and they should do ALL debates like that in the future. It gives it a much more personal feel and allows the candidates to clash in an open setting.

Comment what you guys think below. :)
What did you enjoy from the debate last night?
What do you think about my views?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Final Presidential Debate at 9:00 PM ET Today!

I'll definitely watch this, and I hope you guys will as well. I'll try to record it and upload it on my YouTube channel RealityHaven if you guys might have missed it.

I'm excited to see what these candidates will be talking about as the last debate was definitely better than the last one. Both candidates will have to step up their game as it's the last debate for both of them. This will turn things into one candidate's favor.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why We Should Shift from the Electoral College

After discussion in my Contemporary World Affairs (CWA) Class, we've been talking about the Electoral College, and how votes in non-swing states really don't count towards the election. Why so?
Well, because the candidates know that states like New York (where I was born) and New Jersey (where I currently reside in) or states like Texas that they are pretty much "in-the-bag". They focus on swing states like Ohio and Florida that really determine who the winner is. Doesn't that seem unfair to you? That your vote necessarily does not even count towards the actual election. A lot of people agree the same way, it's ridiculous that a candidate can win the popular vote, but lose the election. How Come? A Flawed System. It's out-of-date, the Electoral College was forged by our Founding Fathers who created our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Our rights are owed to these men who fought for their right of freedom.
Yet, in this present time we should change it. There's things back in the 1700's when this country was founded that don't hold the same anymore, Slavery- you do not see any more slaves in this country right now, and Civil Rights given to people like me, a Haitian-American male that were amendments added to the Constitution over the years of this great nation. Change is needed.

     That's why a lot of people support this National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, already having 49% of the votes needed out of the majority of 270 (2/3) to be put into effect. It says that the candidate that wins all of the popular vote wins all the electoral votes of the whole nation. So every vote counts. I was arguing with my Mother and my sister as they do not see to that. They are in their own little fantasy of "The Electoral College is the perfect system" and so on. Electors can go to Washington and change their votes to whoever they choose as the Electoral College is non-binding. That gets me infuriated. That's why I support this Popular Vote change to make every vote in the United States count. Isn't that what our Founding Fathers wanted? - " No candidate to be elected that goes against a majority of the American People." - In some rendition. With the technology we have in our possession today we definitely can count all the votes of the country. Why not take advantage of that? That's why we should shift to this system, an updated system that will improve our nation significantly.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Thoughts on Lybia

Due to the recent death of the U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens, I have been thinking about what we should
be doing to make sure a tragedy like this never happens again. After watching the second Presidential 
Debate, I listened to the views of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney debating on what to do about Lybia.
Both candidates agreed that we should "buff up" security not only in Lybia, but across all our embassies
to make sure that something like this does not happen elsewhere.
    My Honest Opinion, I think not only should be buff up securities of these embassies, but we should go
after these groups that have committed this attack; the terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, and such.
Now, that's much easier said than done. We should investigate for those responsible, interviewing witnesses,
and trying to piece together the puzzle that will give us our solution: Who is responsible?
We should also have the governments of these nations, and their militaries trained and kept in check by our
government to prevent government takeovers. We shall not only buff up our embassies, but also the
governments in the surrounding areas these embassies are stationed. This will lower the chance of a attack
of this magnitude occurring again, substantially. 

Welcome To Opposing Politics.


This is a place for others to share their political views, and I myself will as well. I enjoy a great debate and
hope the rest of you here will as well. It does not matter your party affiliation, Democrat or Republican, as I
myself do not really see where I stand on the political spectrum as of yet. I hope to find where I stand with
my views, and allow others to come and discuss political issues, etc. and your opinions on it.
See where you stand with others of this community. Judge others on their political views. With No Relative
 Bias. I want to see some great debates guys, and I'll offer my opinions. Feel free to Agree and Disagree
with an explanation. I'll try to talk about the ongoing election of Barack Obama against Mitt Romney, and so
on. Legitimate reasons for not voting/ agreeing with a candidate, not like Obama is a Muslim, or Mitt
Romney's  name is really Mittens.