Monday, October 22, 2012

Final Presidential Debate at 9:00 PM ET Today!

I'll definitely watch this, and I hope you guys will as well. I'll try to record it and upload it on my YouTube channel RealityHaven if you guys might have missed it.

I'm excited to see what these candidates will be talking about as the last debate was definitely better than the last one. Both candidates will have to step up their game as it's the last debate for both of them. This will turn things into one candidate's favor.


  1. Indeed, we shall see. Though the president has the advantage over ending the Iraq war and the killing of Osama, he is vulnerable on the issues in the Middle East (Libya/Iran), China and Russia over economic and Middle East issues, and cuts to the military that can affect operations over seas. However, we shall see what will happen.

    1. Yeah, it was pretty interesting. I heard some of it while I Tried to record it. Turns out CamStudio once again for the second time gave me an error AFTER I recorded it. Not using that program again. First time, recorded 45 mins of a live stream concert(NaS) and recorded the other 15 with my phone when I found out CamStudio didn't record anything.
      I have Camstasia as of today, and honestly it's much much better.

  2. interesting to read comments made before elections. Enjoyed your readers comments. No polarizing rhetoric. Just opinions. Rare and nice.